Certified Manager of Quality
& Organizational Excellence

EXAM PREPARATION COURSE FROM TBROS GROUP: CMQ/OE Certification Accredited by ASQ is Designed Specifically for, Quality Professional to Aspire and Achieve World-class Quality Skill

Stalin Issac

Training Adviser

Yohanna Saado



The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) leads and champions process improvement initiatives, that can have a regional or global focus, in various service and industrial settings. A CMQ/OE facilitates and leads team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.


ASQ – The American Society For Quality


The topics in this Body of Knowledge include subtext explanations and the cognitive level at which the questions will be written. This information will provide useful guidance for both the Exam Development Committee and the candidate preparing to take the exam.

The subtext is not intended to limit the subject matter or be all-inclusive of that material that will be covered in the exam. It is meant to clarify the type of content that will be included in the exam. The descriptor in parentheses at the end of each entry refers to the maximum cognitive level at which the topic will be tested. A complete description of cognitive levels is provided at the end of this document.

Key Takeaways

  • ASQ Certification is an investment in the future of the organization and in the career of the person holding the designation.
  • Certification will help you obtain competencies that you can apply
    immediately in your work
  • The individual who holds a CQE designation may expect a higher salary than their peers
  • Certification will give you a competitive edge among your peers internally and when applying for a Lead/Manager role
  • Be refreshed with skills and knowledge to answer multiple-choice questions and case studies
  • Confidently use the range of concepts outlined the ASQ CQE Body of Knowledge

Value to Your Company?

  •  Increase productivity and quality while
    lowering costs
  • Improve processes through the application
    of quality tools
  • Increase customer satisfaction with steady,
    consistent, and quality output.

What Is the Value to You?

  • Improved knowledge, skills, and abilities
    qualify you for more positions within modern
    business industries that require demonstrated
    competency in quality management.
  • CMQ/OEs with five years of experience
    make an average salary of $90k per year;
    compared to those without certification, who
    make approximately $70k (national average).*

who should attend

This practical and interactive course specifically designed for

  • Quality Engineers and Quality Technicians
  • Supplier Quality Development staff
  • Process and Manufacturing engineers
  • Quality and QA Managers
  • Quality Improvement Professionals
  • Quality Consultants
  • Quality Professionals preparing to
    take the ASQ CQE exam

5 days Course plan

Here are your 5days training session contain various module per day

  1. Organizational Structures 
  2. Leadership Challenges
  3. Teams and Team Processes

  4. ASQ Code of Ethics

  1. Strategic Planning Models
  2. Business Environment Analysis
  3. Strategic Plan Deployment
  1. Management Elements and Abilities
  2. Communication Skills And Abilities
  3. Project Management

  4. Quality System

  5. Quality Models and Theories

  1. Problem-Solving Tools
  2. Process Management
  3. Measurement: Assessment and Metrics
    1. Customer Identification and Segmentation
    2. Customer Relationship Management
  1. Training plans

  2. Training effectiveness



Past Events

Naushad Hasan
Naushad HasanMaintenance Manager
Read More
Our instructor for the course was phenomenal very well-versed in the topic and extremely credible. I enjoyed the flow of the course and felt the agenda was nicely structured and planned well.
Girikumar Radhay
Girikumar RadhayReliability Engineer
Read More
Had a really great learning experience in the Internal Consulting masterclass. The facilitator and participants made really useful contributions, share knowledge and real cases.
Areli Al Hajri
Areli Al HajriReliability Manager
Read More
Certified Reliability training was simply outstanding and gained a very good insight on what are the technologies that are available out there in the market. The facilitator really helped us collaborate and learn. Simply superb at what he does!

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